• World’s first research-based, stage & condition-specific nutrition supplements for cancer patients.

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  • Nutritional preconditioning feeding normal cells & starving tumour cells.

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  • An anti-inflammatory dietary supplement to protect normal cells & kill cancer cells.

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  • Antioxidant-rich dietary supplement for speedy recovery & disease-free survival, post cancer treatment.

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  • An anti-cachexia campaign to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

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Cancer Nutrition - A Novel Approach

The debilitating side-effects of cancer and its treatment can be regulated and alleviated via nutrition therapy. Esperer Nutrition manufactures nutritional supplements geared towards improving the quality of life of cancer patients. Our products are all based on an approach we call Novel Nutrition.

It works on new nutritional therapies (including prescribed medicines) for specific diseases & conditions that would be administered by a healthcare professional. Novel Nutrition aims to address various health conditions with an emphasis on nutrition to address cancer and comorbid conditions.

The following are a few of Esperer Nutrition’s novelties when it comes to the manufacturing of our products.


All our products are driven by novel concepts, making us the world’s first innovative & clinically-proven nutrition formulations manufacturer, especially in the field of cancer disease management.


All our ingredients are globally-sourced, patented and offered from USFDA approved and WHO GMP approved manufacturers.


All ingredients used in easily digestible and high bioavailability forms.


We are global pioneers in prioritising drug-nutrient interactions alongside the regulation of toxicity levels to complement main therapy.


Can serve as a complete meal replacement with subtle variations in contents like fat, protein and carbohydrate, based on the need of the body, at specific stage of the disease.


Clinically evaluated and patent-protected.

Product Portfolio

EON Edge

All of Esperer Nutrition’s nutritional supplements for cancer therapy fall under the banner of EON Edge. These include all our cutting-edge products for cutting down the side-effects of cancer. The following are a few of salient features of the products under the EON Edge banner.